Season of Preparation Teaching Material

If you cant hear& see in the naturaltheresaproblem it also applies to the spiritual

Along with WisdomDiscernment is essentialin these last days

Angels are real &  need tolearn to partner with them To do this we must forst understand their role

DavidsTabernacle was unique see how

Lessons from an eagle to rise above ourcircumstances

Part of our culture is the trap of business

Where is your heart & is it soft or hard  or inbetween? 

Discipline is not a popular word but a requirement of True Christianity 

Religion is not Christianity Here we explain the difference & the spirit behind it

REJECTION this is an introduction to what I believe is the root to most if not all issues we have in life

Who likes a lukewarm cuppa? God dosent either when it comes to His Church

God specialises in taking the no-bodies of this World & making them the somebodies of this World

You are a child of the King of KIngs You have an inheritance in Christ Find out your here

Ever felt as though you can't get a breakthrough maybe this is why?

Isaiah 6 where he saw the fire & glory upon his own life before he was released to minister to others 

There are many types of curses that need to be broken ie word, sout ties, generational, land etc

Deception is huge in the last days amongst Gods own Open our eyes to see the truth

Have you experienced depression the chances are you have been

We are not to be ignorant of the devils devices so here we expose an tactic

Fear is torment but the Word declares perfect love casts out fear 

One of those teachings you dont here much on these days but it is a command to be Holy

Understand our authority that authority comes from coming under authority

We look specially at these two areas which personally I have seen my freedom from

I have seen many miraclous healings Agreed there are questions regards but that shouldnt stop us praying

Hearing from God means getting in a place where we listen We look at how He speaks ie through dreams etc

This is an amazing book I spent weeks studying this book You will be amazed of its relevance to us today

Prayer often neglected but when we pray according to His ways we will see results

Revival will only come when Goids people get serious before the Lord

The mind is a battle but God can pull down the strongholds if we desire Him too

Faith is the basis for our belief without it Unbelief is our enemy & needs to be addressed

This was enlightening to me to see the Word coming to fulfillment in these last days