Relevant Challenging Faith based Messages for you Today

The Heart of Giving

Giving is much more than giving money 

The Wise, the Unwise and the Other Wise

The neglected gift we all need Wisdom

You Want It? Come and Get It

Jesus didnt go to people to heal them they came to HIM

Why We Don't Need to Fear the COVID 19

FEAR doesn't need to dictate our lives

Breakthrough Comes From a Proper View on God 

Psalm 91 has the answer to breakthrough in our lives

Bend, Bow or Burn

Do we bow down or rise up?

The Holy Spirit in the Life of Jesus

Jesus needed the Holy Spirit to minister how much more do we He went out in the Fullness of the Holy Spirit 

How God Sees You & What He’s done For You

Getting things into perspective as far as God sees us

The Attitude of a Mature Believer

Key word is Attitude here because it is only as we have the right Attitude do we mature in Christ

Left the Best to Last

The wedding at Cana saw Jesus performing His first miracle that is a picture of His last

When We Meet the Conditions We Get Promises 

God always has conditions to meeting His promises

The Church as a Lighthouse

THe Church & us are a light in the darkness or are we?