Church issues are addressed here

Remnant New Zealand

What & who is the Remnant?

Decree and Declare

Effective prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much

Prophet, Seer, and Watchman

Understanding the prophectic roles in the Church

Biblical Response to Conflict

Afraid to confront issues heres the consequences

Counterfeit Christianity vs True Conversion

As many as 80% fall away Does that alarm you?

The Greatest Need in the Church LEADERS

Where are the Uncompromising Leaders gone?


Understanding the Anointing is important but equally not to look to the Anointing but the God of the Anointing

Repentance the Key to Salvation

When you read the Book of Acts Repentance was a requirement to accepting Jesus Christ as Lord

Amazing Grace - How my Household Came to Christ

This is HIS story in the life of my family If God can come through in my family He can surely do it for yours

Discipleship Jesus' Way

Jesus gave us the ultimate example of how to Disciple

those who will stand in trails  

Vision to See Beyond the Present

The art of seeing beyond the natural is the key to successful ministry

What the NT Church Looks Like

The Church in Acts was our example but have we followed it?

What About a Day of Rest

Rest means totally trusting God No worries

Addicted to Pornography

This is my story of deliverence from secret sin

Occult Cult New Age Checklist

A Check Lisit to see if you need to break anything off or over your life

Commanded to Honor

We are to Honor not only the Lord but those who we love, & serve under