Teaching, Sermons, Streaming and More


Having preached  over many years here are some of the the outlines for the messages birthed by the Holy Spirit Although the times have changed the principles are the same Here is new material I have preached, which is relevant to today Sharing an uncompromising Gospel


You'll find in this section our teaching for small groups over the last two years There's a variety of uncompromising Words that the Church needs to be taught in this hour Feel free to copy this material for your own groups 

Live Streaming

This is new venture for us but no doubt we'll adapt to this format given time It certainly has become another means of sharing Gods truths We will be adding to this over time as we are given opportunity to minister 

(Coming Soon)


As a Pastor I always appreciated resources as I love reading, studying & finding out about the things of our God We trust you'll avail yourselves of the many hours I have spent studying to enhance your own ministry 

Connect Ministries

 There are so many ministries out there today We wanted to give you a taste of some from this neck of the woods especially Many great men & woman have come from New Zealand & Australia 

Photo Gallery

You'll see some of the ministry in Fiji visiting (8 times) & India (2 times) We have had the privilege to be involved with assisting & planting Churches in these nations.