Wilderness Wanderings


We continue from the pastors Heart series 

Ever felt like your on your own in a dry place spiritually You wonder why your there How you got there Whats happening Its like God has left town your on your own 

If you can relate to yhis you are either in a wilderness or you have come out of it 

Can I say this the wilderness experience is essentail for us moving into all that God has for us His purposes & plans cause its in the wilderness where we learn stuff we cant learn anywhere else The purpose of the Wilderness is to prepare us to reign (& rule with Christ 

Every Great man or woman of God has gone through it From the Bible we see Elijah spent 40 days Jesus did the same in Luke 4:1-14 So did John the Baptist Paul spent 3 days The Israelites 40 years Did you know it should have taken them around 11 days There was an even shorter route but they werent prepared to conqueror

Sometimes the short easy quicker ways are not Gods ways 

Foe mw it took me 15 years Some of us take a long time to submit to His ways Some in fact like the Israelites never make it They competely miss the Promised Land  

See for me I took of to Australia for several reasons                                                                  1 To run away from my past 2 to get ahead financally 3 Enjoy a lovely lifestyle 

Whats your story? 

What did God teach me in the Wilderness season? 

Firstly let me say even though I didnt feel God was with me (HE WAS) I moved not Him

Dealt a deathblow to self, stubborness & pride

Tried to do it my way & learnt it doesnt work

World & things of it werent such an attraction ie loved sport its not attractive any longer

Worry wasnt something I had to take on

Reliance on God & God alone

That storms i faced werent mine to stress about

Lack of desire for God came because God wasnt Lord of my life I was 

That things I thought I needed werent fulfilling  

I didnt have to prove myself to anyone

That the love wasnt found outside of God  

And that peace comes in resting in Christ

That God was preparing me to face the goliaths & walls id come across to possess what He had prepared for me 


How do you shape up?

Its good to be out of the wilderness but not out of the woods 

The difference is perspective of who I am in Christ Nothing that comes my way can take me down

Joel 2:25 I WILL RESTORE WHAT LOCUSTS HAVE EATEN I will nl longerr allow that which was taken from me to destroy me but God promises to restore the lost years Claim it 

Let me say what I allowed to be taken because of my stubborness selfishness & pride

Whats ahead is far greater than what your in or going through 

God is testing your heart as He did mine to see if I will give Him every area of my life 
Until we do well be stuck in the wilderness

I need to say this that if your not going to Church its very likely thats you stuck in wilderness Feeling going your nowhere What happened to the israelites they focusing on the past they complained or worshipped other things All because they couldnt see God was in the Wilderness providing for them & speaking to them through His servant 

Something to chew on Search your heart if this relates to you 

Scriptures to check out Job 42:6 He came to end of Himself Duet 8:2 Absolutely the Word of the Lord Psalm 40:1-3 God promises once gone through Matt 6:33 Jesus first (i purposely didnt write these out so youd read them)

Brother Keith 

Have you ever read FOOTPRITS IN THE SAND check it our via google search