To Die Is To Live


God works in opposites to the world the world says Live to Die 

God says in order to live you must die first 

Jesus was our example out of death came everlasting life Had He  not died we cant be forgiven, sin & death could never be dealt with 

Today we have a Baptism a symbol of Jesus death & ressurrection in the water 

Jesus spoke much of dying for His sake We will live forevermore 

Check out the following scriptures                                                                                                Matthew 10:39 John 11:25 Phillipians 1:21

A SEED must die in order to reproduce I plant seed potatoes when I go to harvest them there is a number of potatoes attached to the seed potatoe which is now mushy & rotted 

Jesus spoke about this in John 12:24 Unless the seed is planted in soil & diesIt will remain alone But its death produces new seeds in fact a plentiful harvest of new lives 

I like that one can produce many new lives 

Have a think what have you reproduced any new lives?

For many they cant see beyond the now They almost dont want to know about eternity & where e they will spend it Until maybe they are confronted by it if they get that oppurnity that is 

A Hymn sums it up 'dying He saved me, Buried he carried my sins away Rising He gave everlasting life'  

To become a Christian we begin again reborn by the Spirit of God But a requirement is that we DIE TO SELF (self denial) 

Jesus spoke of it in Luke 9:23 

It means to deny self & refuse to follow our own will Our will leans towards indulging in natural desires Our natural feelings rise up against self denial looking for a reason to excuse ourselves from it TO DENY SELF IS TO GIVE UP OUR WILL 

Do you remeber Columbine & a young student Rachael Scott she was one of the 12 who died Rachael a Christian tried to speak with her fellow students about Christ but was mocked (including the shooters) They asked her if she believed ibn God YES & they shot her (she was the first to die) IM NOT ASHAMED is the movie 

What Would Jesus Do? 

JOY means Jesus first Others second & Yourself last 

When God calls a man to Himself He requires him to die 

Have a think on that 

Brother Keith 

To Die Is To Live