Offences Build Fences

Offences Build Fences

Often called the bait of Satan TAKING ON OFFENCE

Personally I have noticed this has become a huge issue in society & in the Church

i looked up why Pastors leave the ministry to find the top 5 COVID issues, stress, conflict ending in abuse of Pastor, loneliness & discouragement 

Have i thought of giving up! yes

Why? Because of Pastor abuse in the last 2 years I have had on 6 occassions where I have been told of my so called sins & on 3 occasions I had a barrage of verbal accusations Can I say if you have aproblem with anyone the Biblical practice is to go to them without prejudice Why because youll go with what you believe is true & not open to hearing out the person you went too 

Looking at bait you have to hide it or disguise it then you have to bait it How the devil loves to decieve & cause division And we allow him 

Where looking at 3 ways we get offended 

1 Offended by God

You will know people who use God or Church to excuse their hurt Because it didnt match there expectations 

Don't understand God or His ways They are not the same as ours Unaswered prayers, suffering, death of a loved one You feel it's unfair, an injustice

John Baptist felt like that He had the raw deal see Matthew 11:2-6 the key verse

Jesus saying "I do not operate the way you expected"

Do you get it If wee feel offended by God REPENT 

2 Offended others 

im sure you dont go out there to offend anyone but we do If we are aware we have go & sort it out Ask forgiveness for what done/said 

Satan loves to put wedges between people causing disunity,  disagreement,  dishonouring 

Let me say this we will not always agree with another but if we love our brother we'll work through or accept we disagree not put a blockage up 

In churches people leave because it doesn't meet there expectations the worship, Pastor, direction of Church How you think it should be run What about God it's His Church 

Romans 8:14 we are lead by the Spirit we are mature sons of God

GROW UP & get over it We have too many babes that a years in the Lord now 

3 Offended ourselves 

Get over it or get under it Its a choice to become BITTER or BETTER 

As Christians we are to have short accounts Forive or youll not be forgiven 

Personally I believe this one of the greatest hinderances to our Christian life 

Pride defends we are the victim poor me I refuse to deal with it or forgive 

Christian you don't have a choice You have no rights you're obedient to God 

Now if you've offended Luke 17:3 AMP version Repent apologise & reconcile 

Some scriptures to check Matthew 24:20 5:24 18:15 Mark 11:25 

Be aware the person whom has taken offence may not want to hear your forgiveness so pray & wait till they are ready I have a friend whom I love said things that were not correct I tried to explain but he wasn't open to my side I told him the Biblical principle & I get accusations sent to me I desire to reconcile as I have moved on But my friend hasn't still he sends me his hurt via text I said I was sorry & never intended to hurt or say anything to hurt him But I have not recieved any form of asking for my forgiveness for what he said I still love him & am very sad But I'm not letting this come between me & God I refuse to let the enemy destroy the ministry God has raised up because of my friend 

I have released it to the Lord, searched by attitude & asked others to see if any of this is true 

Because we can be at fault As I said PRIDE defends but humility agrees with Word & acts on it 

Brother Keith