I read a book years ago called Lord change me by Evelyn Christianson It shared how we say Lord change this person or that person Itvreally spoke to me 

As I realised that in order for others to change I had to change first 

Wow think on these things says Paul 

im sharing on Brokenness When something is broken it’s lost it value & maynot be worth anything 

In God He loves us to be broken so He can work on us 

Let me clarify this is brokenness because of sin & our own actions 

Not broken hearted where circumstances beyond our control have happened loss job, accident, disability, illness, death or relational breakdown not caused by you 

Psalm 50:17 1 Corinthians 4:4-6

Brokenness is a shattering of my self will & the absolute surrendering to His Will Saying YES LORD to i will do your will 

See when all is gone our security We have hot rock bottom & there’s no where to turn that’s what I’m talking about 

For me I lost everything My wife to infidelity my daughter wasn’t allowed to see me my friends deserted me except for a couple my job I was labouring not my thing my home I was flatting with a depressed guy my church my wife put a ADO on me Finances where low as had child support 

I was a mess I was a broken man 

Full of guilt & Shame It was my own fault 
I had to take depression medication 

Key was to repent from what done & seek restitution Which I did My wife wasn’t having a bar of it We went to counsel but in the end we couldn’t work it out We’d gone different directions 

People & things need to be broken in order for God to use them 

Judges 7:16-20 Joshua 6:20 Matthew 14:13-21 15:22-39 

3 things needed to be broken a pitcher in order for light to get through 

A wall had to come down in order for there to be victory 

Bread had be broken so 5000 could partake in feeding Jesus was our Bread of life He was broken for us 
In conclusion I want to use Peter was a broken man You’ll remember Jesus predicted he would deny him 3 times The amazing thing is that Jesus asked him 3 things do you love me He restored this broken sinner He wants to do that for you too John 21:15-17 

1 Broken heart 2 Repentant heart 3 Restored heart 

Brokenness brings Breakthrough 

I know cause I’ve been there 

Brother Keith