Do You Want To Be Used By God

Do You Want To Be Used By God 

This is a part series from the Pastors heart 

My story a bit like 5ge programme This Is Your Life 

Brokenness not something we want to talk about is it?
Today we are looking at pottery & how the Master potter shapes & molds If we allow Him too

Jeremiah 18:2-6 

As we look at this can we pray LORD BREAK ME in Bible times the disguarded vessels went to a potters field 

But the Master potter dosent leave us there because He loves us He picks up all the pieces & carefully Carrie's them to His Potters house 

Do you know what He does ? He Grings the pieces down till they are dust You say I've been through enough 

He then mixes the dry dust with His living water to make pliable & soft clay to work with 

Your on the wheel going round & around being shaped & melded into what you meant to be 

Only you want to get off 

Be careful not to become harder James 4:6 

Next your on the shelf to dry out This is what is called the Wilderness period It's a difficult time as yourve been through a lot sonyou think 

Your fragile brittle & easily breakable So the potter is very gentle with you as He puts you into His kiln

Note your not alone This is a difficult time as you are tested in how you relate to others especially where you conflict The impuries & imperfections are being purged off you in the heat of the orange flame 

Back on the shelf again only this time you glad you are & it's a lot shorter time too 

MNext the potter takes to down to put a glaze on you You have to go through the process to get the anointing as it's referred to the glazing 

Mary had jar costly of perfume to anoint Jesus with  Mark 14:3-9 Only it was no use until the vail was broken to let the anointing out Which she poured over Jesus in preparation fits His death 


I'll put it's not finished it's a second time in the kiln a second firing Much hotter than the first If there's anything left it will be dealt with this time around It's colour is now yellow like pure gold 

You can't handle it it's too intense All of a sudden your taken out You thought you were dead 

What a masterpiece the colours the shape the beauty it's breathtaking 

it's unrecognisable because it's taken on the Masters character & looks 

No two vessels are same What type of vessel are you? 
A pitcher giving out water of life, bowl full of the fruit of the Spirit , a vase full of the anointing, a basin ready to serve, a goblet fit for the King to use or maybe a platter to hold His word on 

God is saying Will you let me mood & shape you impregnated I get My colours into your being? 
I trust God has spoken to you through this & blogs 

Brother Keith 

This is my last blog as there isn't a demand for it I know God has used this vehicle to bless, minister & challenge His people