His Story 

Everyone of us has a story, a testimony I was brought up in a non Christian home, my parents wanted me to go to Church, so I went with my friends family It wasnt until my early teens, that I went to the Salvation Army, I got involved in the Youth Group & Bible Study That's where I meet Jill, the officers daughter, to be honest I'd said the salvation prayer but wasn't living it, even though I took on roles in the Church We got married & God began on me, I was in charge of the Youth & organized a retreat Well that was it, I was filled with the Holy Spirit & spoke in tongues, which I didnt know anything about To say I was changed is an understatement We began to see young people, filled with the Holy Spirit at our prayer meetings To say literally all hell broke loose however the Officer (Pastor) fortunately was Spirit filled & a very wise man We had 2 children Jeremy & Janita feeling called we followed Gods leading & headed up north We stayed to awaken the local Corp (Salvation Army term for Church) to the things of the Spirit before being asked to look after a small Corp for 8 months You need to know we'd only taken Youth Groups & studies up to this point So in the deep end, we went Well who knows times of testing, produce character & prepares you for your future, that sums up our time there Heading back home to Christchurch I got involved in a work scheme, helping the unemployed before being called as a Baptist Youth Pastor This was followed by an associate role in Auckland where we oversaw the Youth Ministry But being in ministry can be a camoflogue to hide what's happening deep within you, yet we were seeing amazing things happen Back again in Christchurch I attended Bible School where God called us, to plant a Church Which to be honest was very successful, only because it was birthed in prayer & by the Holy Spirit Success doesn't make a man, God does Being involved in Church planting throughout New Zealand & India doesnt mean anything, unless we are totally His You see I fell from grace, but God never left me, people did God had to deal with issues in my life You see it's so true, that we need to get out of our situation before we see our inabilities, our sins & issues that have bound us for years So it was wilderness time, having lost my marriage, my esteem & dignity To be honest that wasn't my undoing but the opposite It made me who I am today Over many years God has been restoring me & preparing me for the now I am a different person, I understand the things of God clearer, I have am amazing wife & have seen both my parents come to Jesus Thats grace when we don't deserve it He promised me Joel 2:25 That the years, the locusts have been eaten, they will be restored All glory, honor & praise goes to Him for this ia a new beginning 

After marrying Viv, we spent years in Australia where we saw the evidence of mans glory (pride) & mans greed (money) having been involved in the Church there We returned to New Zealand to be with family & to get back into fellowship with His people He hasn't fulfilled His calling on our lives as He is preparing us In fact, as we are close to retirement (refirement) we are longing to see more of Him in & through our lives, than ever before The difference today Im a nobody (no credentials) I just want to be His vessel to bring Him Honor, & Glory to His Name in our Nation & wherever He leads us   


Our Purpose

It would be so easy to become a pewsitter & just go along with whats happening in the Church You see I can't because my hunger for God doesn't allow me to settle for second best I will not compromise His calling on my life, for anything I will not fear what man can do to me I stand in awe & fear of our Living God, to serve Him the rest of my days My desire is for Him & Him alone Whatever our future is, I believe we are in a time of three things 1 persecution 2 a great harvest 3 the greatest move of God ever (note the order is up to God) We are in the most exciting, yet challenging & powerful time in history But I feel its preparation time Church Joel 3:13 Matthew 5:6; 9:35-38 Exodus 15:11 Psalm 2:11; 33:8 Acts 2:43 

Our Commission

We are commissioned to reach the World for Jesus Christ I believe this will happen when His people 1 Humble themselves 2 Pray 3 Seek His face 4 Turn (repent) from their evil ways 2 Chronciles 7:14 Judgement begins in the house of God 1 Peter 4:17 you see God deals with His Church before He can deal with the lost Let's test that, ask the non-christian why they aren't intereseted in God? When the world sees the Glory of God, they will bow before Him How does His Glory come, when the Church repents of its sin - gossip, worldliness, pride, lust, pettiness, judgemental attitude, selfishness, busyness, unbelief, complacency, compromise, racism, lack courage, lack discipline, prayerlessness, impurity, religious spirit etc Church its time we repented of the sins of His Church & of our Nations ungodly choices Then & only then will we see His Kingdom come  on earth