Remnant New Zealand

We are a group of dedicated individuals passionate about serving the Lord.

The vision & the passion for RemnantNZ was initiated by Keith & Vivienne Adams along with others, who have joined us We are about to launch a new chapter Keith's primarily ministry is equipping believers for ministry, in the Church to affect community & the World. Vivienne's gifts are compassion & hospitality The one thing we have learnt over years of the Christian life It's not about personalities, its about the person of Jesus You see God specialises in using no name people in the World & certainly in the last days He is raising up an army of believers who don't have the credentials, tags or labels which are required by the Church But who desire to serve, to submit & dedicated for one purpose, that is Gods Kingdom Dont get us wrong we are not rebels but but we do challenge some Churches intregrity & motives So we are seen as trouble makers When in all honesty we want His leaders to be accountable & teach the whole counsel of God & not just their pet subjects Abolishing the seeker service mentality instead seeking Gods Glory You see the purpose of His Church is to be His people together as one, to entertain His presence & experience His Glory which will bring people to His Kingdom To honor God & declare to a sick World Jesus is the only way & that through Jesus sacrifice on the Cross & his blood that was shed, everyone can have eternal life 


 The Vision of Remnant New Zealand began in 2019 when God spoke through the book of Joel & since then He has confirmed through many ministries & the Holy Spirits leading That we are the Remnant who God has called us to awaken His people in these last days, to prepare for the Bride of Christ 'The Church within a Church' is what we are We have not abandoned the Church as we are involved in Churches ourselves A remnant is reference to a small proportion of Gods people at the end of the age Who have clung to the unadulterated beliefs, faith & doctrines of the early Church 

GOD WANTS TO RAISE UP A HOLY REMNANT It will be interdominational, it will be birthed & bathed in prayer, it will be small groups within the Church, who are sold out for Jesus Christ It will be a people who hear from God & act upon that Word in the power & authority, we have been given through Jesus Christ It will not be about personalities, seeking glory but the Body of Christ functioning as one people It will be a part of Gods end time Army that God is raising up for the coming revival & harvest 


We believe it's time for the Bride to prepare

It's time to prepare Church & wake up for He is near

 Jesus parable of the ten virgins each with a lamp went out to meet the bridegroom Five were wise & five were foolish Called foolish as they did not take any oil with them However the wise took jars of oil with them As the bridegroom was a long time coming, they all fell asleep At midnight the cry came 'the bridegroom is here' He has come to meet his Bride They trimmed their lamps but the foolish ones had no oil And there was not enough to go around So they went to find oil, In the meantime the wise virgins went in to be with the Bridegroom The door was then locked The foolish came & knocked 'Lord open the door for us' The reply came back 'I tell you, I dont know you' Therefore keep watch because you do not know the day or the hour He will come' Matthew 25:1-13




We're entering an exciting time but we must be prepared

Be prepared to partner with God

The only way for His Church to be the Church is when we see God is bigger than anything we face That His Word is so powerful when we claim it, it will come to pass We need to work with (partner) with the Holy Spirit & His angels to bring about the fulfillment of His Word & the purposes of God in heaven as it is on earth Matthew 6:10

Be prepared for persecution

No one wants persecution although ask the persecuted church & they'd say that's there strength Jesus implied we'd be persecuted for His Name sake So let's no longer sit in our comfortable settings, thinking it'll be alright Just like the foolish virgins Wake up Church Luke 6:22 

Be prepared to war in the Spirit 

We are in a battle which incidently Jesus has won But it's up to His Church to activate & use the weapons He has given us to take back the ground which has been lost Paul speaks of this battle in Ephesians that we dont fight flesh & blood but principalities in the heavenly realm Eph 6:12

Be prepared in small group ministry

Small groups were in the beginning of the Church & are essential for the persecuted Church So in preparation for what's ahead we need to be prepared as a Church to function in small groups. Its where we can minister, teach, pray, encourage & worship our Lord Acts 2:46


Need help, prayer or encouragement

It would be privilege to work with you wherever you live. We are available when you need some advice, you need prayer support or just to be encouraged  Give us a call, a text,an email or on our comments page & we'll respond to you as soon as we are able We'd love for you to partner with us, if you have a group who relates to us, we'd love to be encouraged by your endeavours & with your prayers Thank you for trusting us, believing in us & partnering with us, in these critical days we are facing More than ever we need to be one, moving together to establish & extend His Kingdom                      


Introducing ourselves

Keith Adams

Keith has been involved in ministry across the Salvation Army, Brethren, Baptist & Pentecostal Churches From a non Christian home he has seen his whole household turn to the Lord

His passion is to see the Body functioning in the Spirit

 Vivienne Adams

 Viv was born in Henley south of Dunedin Spent most of her life as a nurse Viv is married to Keith they have four children & seven grandchildren

Viv is host of the Koinonia ministry Something that's been on her heart for years